Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD)

Arkın University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD)

Founded in North Cyprus in 2017, Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) is a thematic art university that is entirely dedicated to the fields of art, design and communication. ARUCAD’s goal is to become one of the most reputable universities in art education, whereby its students continuously improve their creative productivity through interdisciplinary and cross-cultural programmes based on traditional, modern and contemporary art teaching and learning, whilst adhering to the inseparable link of theory and practice. 

Respect for ecological, recycling and health and safety issues, in addition to equality in gender, racial and religious values will be practiced throughout the teaching/learning environment. ‘Learning whilst producing, producing whilst learning’ is an education model that aims to connect experience, critical thinking and practice in order to generate greater- thinking artists and designers.    

ARUCAD is committed to bringing the University and the wider public together. Collaborative projects between academiс and art businesses such as art galleries, museums and production houses, will be on-going throughout the student’s programme.

In order to make the student life of students more fulfilling and also rich of practical works and workshops, the University of Creative Arts and Design runs many projects, as:

Mediterranean Art Biennial directed by ARUCAD
The artworks of artists who are from different countries located around the Mediterranean will be exhibited at this art biennial. World famous curators will stage the biennial in various venues in including Famagusta, Kyrenia (Girne) and Nicosia.  

ARUCAD Photography and Video Art Festival (every year)
An exhibition which consists of the selected works of world famous photography and video artists will be held annually. 

ARUCAD Underwater Statue Museum
World famous artists will be invited to produce sculptures in ARUCAD’s ceramics workshop. The artworks will then be displayed at suitable underwater sites.  

ARUCAD Art, Statue, Photography and Video Contest for High School Students
This contest will be held every year in four different categories. The aim of this contest is to raise awareness of art and art education and also to create an artistic social environment.    

ARUCAD Digital Art and Design Magazine
The magazine will consist of national and international art news including: articles, art and design criticism, as well as current ground-breaking research on art, design and visual culture. Exhibition reviews and workshops to be held at ARUCAD will also be announced through the magazine. It is also envisaged as a tool to initiate meaningful art and design dialogue between Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean countries.  

ARUCAD provides Mac Laboratories has 54 computers. This state of the art facility is designed for maximum creative digital, innovative and imaging. Hence it is open to design, plastic arts and photograph and video students. They can choose from a smorgasbord of computer programs such as Photoshop, Autocad, 3D Mac and the others.  

See a brochure of the university (PDF)

Bachelor Degree Programs

Faculty of ArtsFaculty of Communication
  • Plastic Arts
  • Digital Arts
  • Photography and Video
  • Visual Communication Design
  • New Media
  • Cinema
Faculty of Educational SciencesEnglish Preparatory School
  • Interior Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Textile and Fashion Design

Training Programs

Specialization ProgramsVocational Training Programs
ARCAD offers courses for participants who would like to improve themselves theoretically and practically in their professional field.  ARCAD offers courses for participants who would like to learn all theory and practice in a subject in which they are interested and are keen to choose this area as a profession in the future.
Personal Development Programs

Corporate Programs

ARCAD offers courses for participants who are interested in a specific subject and will have the opportunity to improve themselves in that subject and gain practicality.  ARCAD offers courses in a variety of subjects for public and private sector employees, providing them with new developments and opportunities to acquire a range of new skills within their chosen field.  

Tuition Fee

Tuition fee for one academic year is € 7, 800 Euro.

All students to register within the first 12 months will receive 25% Scholarship.

The Tuition Fees do not include 5% VAT, 250 € Registration Fee (one academic year), 250 € Academic and Cultural Activity Fee (one academic year) and 60 € Health Fee (one academic year)

Academic Scholarships               

Students who have 3.50 and above GPA have the right to apply for Academic Scholarships for each semester. 

Registration Procedure for International Students

To enable us to process and evaluate your application more efficiently, we require the following documents from you:

  • Copies of all academic records, certificates and transcripts
  • Copy of English competence – IELTS, TOEFL (If you do not have one you can write the English Proficiency Exam upon arrival.)
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Health report
  • 50 Euro application fee (For the first academic year, the usual 50 Euro registration fee will not be charged.) 




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