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What to prepare for and how easily make a decision: does your child need to study abroad?

 There are many articles in the internet about education abroad, but it is always better to rely on reliable sources, as the future and the fate of your child depends on the decision you made. On our web site you will find the most reliable information. We will provide the information based on our own experience in educational market.

Firstly, universities in North Cyprus offer summer language schools during summer vacation. Language school benefits for your child:

  • Learning and practicing English language
  •  Accommodation at the university campus
  • Three meals a day in university dining hall
  • Making new friends from different countries
  • An opportunity to explore a new country and culture
  • Guided tours of major cities in North Cyprus
  • Beach trips
  • Pleasure from entertainment programs (cinema, bowling, carting, etc.)
  • The ability to make decisions about studying at universities in North Cyprus
  • Low crime rate

Today it is considered prestigious to get an education abroad and this is true, but be prepared for a complete change in your child’s life and adaptation in other country conditions. Very often, children face the problem of not knowing the language in a new country, so try to learn the language in advance (in North Cyprus the main language is Turkish, but all universities and private colleges study in English). If your child is sociable and easily makes contact with others, then learning English will take from 4 to 6 months. At first, prepare for a change of mood, so communicate more often and maintain the morale of your child. Usually adaptation takes a year.

Colleges in North Cyprus have their own rules: school uniforms are compulsory, importance of discipline and a mobile phone is prohibited during the classes. Lessons start from 8.00 and last until 15.30. The system of education is British and American. One meal a day is provided. After school children can select various additional clubs (dance, gymnastics, drawing, football, tennis, basketball, etc.). Children pass tests each semester. They also have 2 vacation breaks a year: winter and summer.

The universities of North Cyprus offer various Bachelors, Master and PhD programs. The language of education is English. Students have the possibility to come for summer language courses and see how it is to study abroad, and at the same time get introduced to North Cyprus. Our company also offers an Orientation Tour to universities and colleges of Northern Cyprus. Experience has shown that such a tour is an effective way to help in making a decision about education abroad. Parents must be assured that their child will study in safe and quiet environment.

Education abroad always brings a lot of impressions and excitement: experience of studying in other standards, learning a new language, new friends from around the world. The student becomes independent and makes responsible decisions for their own actions.
Our company is located in North Cyprus on a permanent basis, which gives us the possibility to provide timely assistance and support on many issues. This approach, experience has shown to be very convenient for parents and students who continue to keep contact with us and know that their child will not stay without proper timely support, if he/she needs so.

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24 August 2020

Admission for Fall semester!

Don't miss your chance to study at one of the best Universities in North Cyprus! You can submit your documents now to apply for new academic year!

22 June 2020

Student visa requirements in North Cyprus

Upon arrival in North Cyprus, at the Ercan airport, the student provides an official acceptance letter of the university (invitation) to receive a stamp valid for three months (90 days). During this time, the student must apply for a student visa.

22 June 2020

GAU Summer School students will stay at the luxury hotel

We would like to share updated information that will please all of you! This season, participants of the GAU Multicultural Summer School will be staying at the luxury hotel located on the seaside: Le Chateau Lambousa and Celebrity Hotel.

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04 April 2018

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