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Studying abroad is an investment in your future

Education abroad is rightfully considered to be comprehensive - teachers devote more time and attention to general subjects, and only after completing the required course students can choose specialization, receiving a degree corresponding to their capabilities and ambitions. Getting higher education abroad is a valuable investment in the future of a young specialist, as it gives you the opportunity to find a job in your chosen specialty in almost any country in the world, and this will significantly improve the quality of your life.

The advantages of higher education abroad

Every year, hundreds of applicants and young specialists who wish to receive education and a European academic degree go to study abroad after graduating from a postgraduate study at a prestigious university.

The main advantages of studying abroad traditionally include:

  • Excellent quality of education - student learning systems abroad are deeper and more focused;
  • Obtaining a diploma of international standard;
  • Improving the level of English;
  • Obtaining the right to further education in other countries.

Why North Cyprus?

Today there are a large number of companies which offer you education abroad - educational programs of leading universities of Europe, America, Australia and Canada usually offered to your attention. Our company "ALVI CONSULT" specializes in cooperation with the best educational institutions in North Cyprus - one of the most promising countries.

If it is possible to choose exactly where to study abroad, you should definitely consider North Cyprus:

  • Excellent quality of knowledge - like all study programs abroad, the programs of North Cyprus universities are in line with international standards;
  • Affordable tuition - studying abroad is traditionally considered an expensive pleasure, but with a high level of education, the cost of attending colleges and universities in North Cyprus is more than affordable;
  • Low living expenses - many students are afraid to go abroad to study because their maintenance in another country becomes too expensive, in which case North Cyprus is one of the most affordable options.

Why students choose «ALVI CONSULT»

  • Collaboration and personal contact with all universities in North Cyprus
  • Impartiality and objectivity
  • Officially registered company in North Cyprus
  • An individual approach to each student
  • We always answer calls, questions and emails from students and parents
  • Staff who speak Russian, English, Ukrainian and Turkish
  • Tuition fees always go directly to the university
  • Reliability and efficiency
  • Having the most relevant information
  • Attentive to our reputation
  • We are constantly in touch by phone, e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp and Skype
  • Helping students to adapt, find housing, and solve household issues
  • Low cost of services and payment after pre-registration of a student at the university
  • Comprehensive support

The list of our services is practically unlimited at their low cost - contact us and ask any questions of interest, make the right decisions and change your life for the better, starting a new page with getting a European education.

The mission of the company "ALVI CONSULT" is the desire to benefit society, expand the boundaries of communication, promote the exchange of knowledge, information, ideas and understanding between people from different countries.

Our company offers assistance in organizing high-quality education at prestigious private and state universities and schools in North Cyprus. We have the necessary experience and are professional in the field of organizing foreign education at affordable prices.

We are sincerely grateful to our customers, partners and friends who contribute to the professional growth and development of ALVI CONSULT.

Contact us in any way that suits you.

News and events

27 June 2022

Cyprus International University (CIU) and Alvi Consult continue to register students for the 2023 academic year!

The line of programs includes: Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, exchange programs, language courses, as well as the Double Degree program the European University European University Business School, University of Rome Tor Vergata and Paris School of Business.

25 June 2022

Apply for the Fall semester of 2023 academic year with Alvi Consult!

ALVI Consult continues admission  for the Fall semester!

30 May 2022

Important update for students

ALVI CONSULT continues admission for the Fall semester. We accept applications for Fall semester till the end of October 2022!

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04 April 2018

North Cyprus relationship with Turkey

It is important to have a knowledge of the recent history of the island of Cyprus and the historical background of the Cyprus problem in order to understand the scope of relations between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Republic of Turkey. 

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