Near East College

Near East College

Near East College was founded in 1993 году by Near East University, the largest and one of the most prestigious universities in Northern Cyprus.

General information. Location

The Near East College is the first in Northern Cyprus to offer I-Pad interactive educational program to a large group of parents emphasizing the use of Apple technology in and out of the classroom. Thanks to its highly – professional teaching staff, developed infrastructure with various facilities, and efficient parent –teacher co-operation the college has become one of the best and reputable in Northern Cyprus.

The teaching staff consists of 170 highly qualified teachers, full of commitment and enthusiasm, who understand the full importance of the quality of education in modern competitive environment.  Today more than 1,100 students study in the college.

The college aims to equip students with excellent English, French, Turkish and German language skills. The education program embraces the whole day. The college also prepares students for internationally recognized external exams and helps students to develop as self-confident young adults for the future.

The Near East College offers you and your children a successful, caring and disciplined learning environment.

Infrastructure of the college

The Near East College aims to achievement of the highest possible educational standards. This is also achieved through developed college infrastructure: sports playgrounds and centers, multifunctional gym, Olympic indoor swimming pool, dance hall, craft and creative studios, library with internet access, computer rooms, and laboratories for physics, chemistry and biology.

The college has 55 classrooms, numerous laboratories on various subjects, and continue to grow and develop further.


In the library, enriched with numerous books and the internet facility (web access), both students and the teaching staff are able to establish direct contact with global information and data, hence the means of research and study.

In NEC all required technical facility like web access and computers, Physics, Biology and Chemistry Labs are available. Students have access to fully-equipped ICT labs and projection rooms.

Multifunctional Hall
NEC students and teachers have the means of holding a variety of sports activities in the multifunctional hall while arts students and teachers may hold their own activities.

In the gymnasium, a variety of sports activities can be held including basketball, volleyball, handball and football. It is a gymnasium which provides for the full implementation of curricular responsibility. It also includes the means development tests. Additions to the facility are gymnastics and a dance hall. There is also an open air football pitch, a sandbox and a 200-metre racetrack.


Olympic Swimming Pool
Our swimming pool is open to the public all day long, between 8 am to 8 pm. It operates under the expertise of 19 experienced coaches. There are a number of courses on swimming, water polo, tower jump and diving. There are different courses for a variety of age groups. A total of 5,959 people have learned swimming in this pool between 1997 and 2007.

Health and Fitness Center
In order to use the facility, a health report has to be obtained from our Health and Fitness Centre, which involves examination by a doctor and a fitness test performed in the performance lab.
In the 2000 square-metre Centre, there are:
• A fitness hall
• A performance test lab
• A multi-purpose sports hall
• A dance hall
• The Vitamin Bar & Café
This implies that one can take part in the sports activities under the watch of a doctor and an expert coach.


The Near East college follows the curriculum of state colleges, also supported by the ministry of education therefore lessons approved by the ministry are carried out in the morning, while sports activities, TOEFL, SAT, OSS, YOS, GCE and IGCSE courses and medial courses are carried out in the afternoons and on Saturdays.
NEC teachers are highly –qualified and experienced in their fields and known for their dedication to helping students learn and to guide them through their school life, become successful academically, socially and in sports.

Student admissions are based on entrance examinations taken after the completion of year 5 in primary school. The most successful students receive a scholarship for the duration of their secondary school education. At the Near East College, all lessons in years 6, 7 and 8 – except cultural lessons – are in English when students are given basic knowledge in the sciences and maths. Intensive English lessons (13 hours a week) bring the standard of English to a very high level. In social studies lessons, the emphasis is on history and geography and learning a second language (French or German) is compulsory. Full day education enables the college to provide remedial and supplementary afternoon lessons.

Once year 8 has been completed, students choose either the GCE or OSS curriculum. At this stage, the college accepts year 9 transfer students from other schools subject to an interview and examination. Students wishing to continue their higher education in the UK or other countries follow the GCE curriculum (Science or Arts) in English. GCE students in year 9 and 10 follow the UK curriculum and take IGCSE examinations. Students who are successful in these examinations continue with GCE “A” levels (the qualification for entrance to faculties of UK universities)  in years 11 and 12. Students are also prepared for the IELTS examination – a requirement for foundation courses in UK universities. At the same time, TOEFL and SAT courses are provided for students aiming for admission to USA universities.

The majority of our graduates are accepted by universities in England, Turkey and other European universities as well as the USA. The most important advantage of our college is the fact that it was set up within the premises of the Near East University – the largest in the country. Other graduates, according to their entrance examination results, can enroll in the various faculties offered by our university.

College graduates have access to Near East University through the means of special contingents and scholarships. There are also a limited number of places available in the faculty of medicine to which our outstanding students may apply.

NEU student are always successful in external examination – KET, PET , FLYERS and DELF. They carry out numerous scientific experiments resulting in high success in external science competitions.

Social and cultural activities

All students can join various social and cultural activities, depending on his/her personal interests and preferences.

Regular field trips offer students the opportunity to discover their country’s history, geographical landscape and cultural values. Numerous extra-curricular activities offer students of the college the opportunity to learn actively and to develop their creativity which is exhibited in original project work.

Why Near East College

  • The Near East College provides the best education in English.
  • High quality full-day education and courses eliminate the need for private tuition.
  • Students are educated in a highly technological learning environment on a full day basis.
  • Thanks to efficient door-to-door school transport system, traffic problems are eliminated.
  • College provides students with a range of extra-curricular activities allowing them to discover their special talents and interests
  • All text books are provided by the school.
  • Lunch-time brings students and staff together socially as they enjoy a well- balanced meal.
  • NEU counseling service helps students to cope with issues of concern.
  • Great importance is attached to French/German as 2nd foreign languages and students are prepared for internationally recognized external examinations in these languages.
  • Courses are available during the week and on Saturdays for GCE, SAT, TOEFL. Regular examinations for all external examinations are held.
  • Co-operation among parents, teachers and administration creates a happy and successful learning environment.

Programs and tuition fees


News and events

27 June 2022

Cyprus International University (CIU) and Alvi Consult continue to register students for the 2023 academic year!

The line of programs includes: Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, exchange programs, language courses, as well as the Double Degree program the European University European University Business School, University of Rome Tor Vergata and Paris School of Business.

25 June 2022

Apply for the Fall semester of 2023 academic year with Alvi Consult!

ALVI Consult continues admission  for the Fall semester!

30 May 2022

Important update for students

ALVI CONSULT continues admission for the Fall semester. We accept applications for Fall semester till the end of October 2022!

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