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Our company is registered and situated in Northern Cyprus, what helps us to be aware of all the local events, news and investment opportunities.

We analyze the needs of the island and work hand in glove with governmental authorities responsible for  the development of Northern Cyprus, support and attraction of investments.

Cyprus is geographically located at the crossroads of three continents, what makes it a unique platform for business.

Real estate and travel markets of Northern Cyprus continue to develop rapidly and still have great potential. The increase in population and the number of tourists, with no doubt cause a necessity for increase of standards and quality of already existed services and further development of the infrastructure on the island. This aspect reveals numerous unfilled niches and investment opportunities. One of the most promising major fields is the development of the tourism industry, education, electricity supply infrastructure, construction of factories and industrial projects, recycling, etc. Development of these fields is directly supported by the government of Northern Cyprus.

Among others, the investment climate of Northern Cyprus offers the following opportunities and advantages:

  • Favorable geographical location, proximity to the European Union, Turkey, Middle East and Africa;
  • Doing business in a favorable tax system, including low corporate tax, real estate tax, etc.
  • Issuance of residence permits and the possibility to apply for citizenship;
  • Possibility to preserve the investor’s anonymity and its presence on the island;
  • Guarantees of investments preservation from the government;
  • British legal system;
  • Visa-free regime;
  • Privacy the origin of funds, etc.

Foreign investors enjoy various incentives and support from the government. List such incentives and support is unique in each case, but among others, may include:

  • Granting of land plots for the implementation of industrial projects in the long-term lease;
  • Loans on favorable conditions;
  • Employment of foreign experts;
  • Raising funds and their repatriation without restrictions;
  • Duty-free import of the required equipment and vehicles, etc.

After reviewing your wishes and capabilities we will work out and offer various options for:

  • Organization and conduct of business in Northern Cyprus;
  • Implementation of your ideas and assistance in their adaptation for Northern Cyprus;
  • Investments in promising projects, considering the needs of Northern Cyprus in general or a particular region;
  • Participation in governmental programs for development of Northern Cyprus;
  • Setting up offshore and trust companies, as well as organization of legal, secretarial and accounting services;
  • Applying for governmental support, preferences and benefits;
  • Assistance and consultancy in acquisition of ready business and shelf companies;
  • Investments in residential and commercial real estate, etc.

Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive advisory support on all issues of investment climate in Northern Cyprus, existing and future opportunities for profitable investments. We also assist you with the development of business plan, carry out required marketing research and collection of the information on a particular sector of economy you are interested in.

The favorable development of the island and its infrastructure is one of the missions and goals of our company. We are deeply inspired by our work and clear vision of prospects of Northern Cyprus.

News and events

27 June 2022

Cyprus International University (CIU) and Alvi Consult continue to register students for the 2023 academic year!

The line of programs includes: Bachelor's, Master's, PhD, exchange programs, language courses, as well as the Double Degree program the European University European University Business School, University of Rome Tor Vergata and Paris School of Business.

25 June 2022

Apply for the Fall semester of 2023 academic year with Alvi Consult!

ALVI Consult continues admission  for the Fall semester!

30 May 2022

Important update for students

ALVI CONSULT continues admission for the Fall semester. We accept applications for Fall semester till the end of October 2022!

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04 April 2018

North Cyprus relationship with Turkey

It is important to have a knowledge of the recent history of the island of Cyprus and the historical background of the Cyprus problem in order to understand the scope of relations between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Republic of Turkey. 

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