Our company is registered and located in Northern Cyprus, which helps us to be aware of all the local events, news and investment opportunities and to act here promptly and efficiently. Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive advisory support on all issues of education and investment in Northern Cyprus.


  • Location in Cyprus
  • Impartiality and objectivity
  • Complete availability
  • Efficiency and reliability
  • Cooperation with all universities in Northern Cyprus
  • Possession of the up-to-date information
  • Careful attitude to our reputation
  • Comprehensive support

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  • Individual approach to everyone (universities are often overloaded with applications and requests, particularly within registration period)
  • Assistance in choosing the best suitable university and faculty for you, based on our firm grasp of the local educational market
  • Preparation and submission of all the documents and forms in full compliance with university requirements
  • Consultancy on all possible issues (admission, accommodation, orientation upon arrival etc.)
  • Visa support
  • Time saving
  • Flight bookings, airport transfers and accommodation search
  • Scholarships opportunities

How we work

How we work


Natalya Levchenko
Natalya Levchenko

I am the mother of a student at EMU (Eastern Mediterranean University) in Famagusta. To apply for university admission, we collaborated with ALVI CONSULT. The first acquaintance with this company began a couple of years ago, for a month my son went to the summer language camp at EMU in Famagusta. Employees of ALVI CONSULT made out documents for staying in this camp. Full documentary and consulting support was provided for a minor child to visit the language camp.
Before leaving school (final exams), we consulted in advance with the company's employees with a list and rules for processing documents for submitting them for admission to universities in Northern Cyprus. In response, they received a short, concise, but understandable and fully exhaustive list of documents that we must provide as soon as possible after receiving a school certificate. After submitting the documents about a month later, a confirmation call came to confirm that I was admitted to the university. We had a lot of questions for the company’s employees about the life of students on campus, about student dormitories, are there any Russian-speaking curators and we received comprehensive answers to each of our questions, you could even say “answers so that parents don’t worry.” For all the time In collaboration with ALVI CONSULT company, its employees have established themselves as competent and competent people in their type of activity. We chose a university for admission earlier after the 9th grade. They immediately chose the Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta Northern Cyprus.

ALVI Investment - education and investments in Northern Cyprus

ALVI Investment is focused on two areas of expertise: education and investments in Northern Cyprus. We guarantee the quality and comprehensive support to those who have chosen to follow these directions. Our cooperation is not limited to a short-term attention. Our company’s specialists are your allies and your unreplaceble support throughout the entire route of the client in his/her investment activities on the island or the entire term of his/her education in the specialization chosen.

Quality education abroad has been valuable at every nation and in every time, enhancing prestige of its holder, inspiring respect of other people, increasing up to the mark personal self-appraisal. Moreover, this is a call of the times for those who wish to broaden their mind about the world, get to know how people live in other countries, what is hard to achieve within a short-term vacation or a tourist trip abroad. It is hard not to admit these common facts from the history of many generations!

Having chosen the option of investing or education abroad and acting alone, many people inevitably face circumstances, which are hard to overcome without proper knowledge of the customs of the country, mentality of the local people, domestic laws and specifics. These are just several issues which any university applicant or an investor-beginner may encounter.

How to solve a problem of language barrier and specifics of  the local environment from the very beginning and without troubles? How is it better to apply to a university or another educational institution  for the first time? Yourself or via ALVI CONSULT? What is the best cause of action without irreparable loss of TIME and MONEY? You need to have a reliable ally which is capable to bring your ideas into life, and what is of high importance, will be acting in transparent way and in your interests. ALVI CONSULT – is exactly this ally!

How to carry out an efficient search of investment opportunities in Northern Cyprus, which open now and prospective because of the construction boom on the island? What one needs to know, for instance, about infrastructure of the island, its business outlook, specifies of working with the governmental authorities and local companies, algorithm of a factory and industrial projects construction, prospects and needs of the island etc. Is the full participation in a particular sector of economy as an investor possible or are there  local participation requirements? What are the specifics of the taxation system in Northern Cyprus? What preferences, reliefs and incentives can an investor enjoy? Is it possible to receive a support from the government and how to apply for it? Do local banks issue loans to foreign investors and what are the conditions? Is the duty-free import of machinery and other equipment real? What are the guarantees of investment preservation?

Contact ALVI CONSULT! The crucial aspect here is our INDIVIDUAL approach to everyone in EVERY SUBJECT!

Taking into account the workload of the universities, particularly in registration period with bulk of applications and various requests, we will definitely ENSURE:

  • Comprehensive advisory support to a prospective student on all the issues related to admission to the university/college and submission of all the documents and forms in full compliance with the entry requirements;
  • Best possible and timely solution of all organizational, admission, accommodation and other issues; 
  • Visa support;
  • Flight bookings, airport transfers and accommodation search;
  • Scholars for the whole period of education;
  • Significant saving of your time and finances;
  • We are with you! We know how to solve any problems without time, moral and financial loses;
  • We are confident and sure that our cooperation will be mutually pleasant and fruitful

News and events

11 December 2019

You can become a partner of ALVI Consult today. Our company will be glad to work with you

Please contact info@alvi-consult.com for more information.

10 December 2019

We would like to inform you that Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD) has started admission for spring semester

Make your application with us and receive 100% scholarship for tuition fee.

02 December 2019

Apply for Spring 2020 academic semester with ALVI CONSULT!

For more information contact us on info@alvi-consult.com

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04 April 2018

North Cyprus relationship with Turkey

It is important to have a knowledge of the recent history of the island of Cyprus and the historical background of the Cyprus problem in order to understand the scope of relations between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Republic of Turkey. 

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