University of Kyrenia

University of Kyrenia

The University of Kyrenia was founded in 2013 in the city of Kyrenia. The University focused on training in the fields of aviation and maritime affairs. The main goal of the university is to become a leader of higher education in its specializations.

General Information

The University of Kyrenia with its fully equipped infrastructure has set forth to ensure quality in education and become a prominent institution of the first choice among the national and international higher education institutions by providing a variety of quality associate, undergraduate and graduate programs that aimed at contributing to the students. Its educational and training origin was based on the knowledge accumulation of the Faculty of Maritime Studies that was established by its sister university, the Near East University, in 1978 as the first Faculty of Maritime Studies in Cyprus.

 International recognition and educational standards

The University of Kyrenia has received the approval of Higher Education Council (YÖK) of Turkey and fulfilled all the terms and provisions specified in regulations set by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication of Turkey for maritime and aviation programs. Having been accredited by internationally authorized institutions and organizations, the University of Kyrenia offers quality education and training in the line with the criteria set by the international bodies.

In order to provide its students with all merits of maritime education, the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Maritime Vocational School of the University of Kyrenia implement all programs in full compliance with the standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Convention on Standards of Training. To this end, the university employs the most competent staff who are specialized in their fields and have adequate experience to implement maritime education and training in the most effective way.

Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences of the University of Kyrenia began its educational life in the academic year 2014-2015 by receiving students for the undergraduate programs offered by the Department of Aeronautical Engineering, the Department of Pilotage, and the Department of Civil Air Transport Management. The need for qualified staff trained for civil aviation has increased in the line with the rapid grow and development in this sector. The sector potential to provide more people with employment opportunities is rapidly rising. According to the projection of the leading organizations involved in the aviation industry, the need for pilots, aeronautical engineers, technicians and cabin crew personnel for civil aviation management and logistics will exceed one million within the next 20 years.
The undergraduate programs offered by the Faculty of Aviation & Space Sciences of the University of Kyrenia also comprise some innovative approaches beyond the programs implemented in countries that developed in aviation sector. The Department of Aeronautical Engineering provides the students with broad opportunities encouraging them to put their inventive and innovative ideas into practice easily in a fully and high tech equipped environment. As competitions provide platform for students to test their ideas and demonstrate their talents, students are encouraged to participate in various national and international competitions concerned with their professions.

The Department of Civil Air Transport Management offers a 4 year undergraduate program which provides a broad perspective of courses encompassing the multi-faceted approach to managing transport in civil aviation. The objectives of the program are aligned with the overall mission and goals of the university. The Program aims to provide students with a premium education through a well-prepared curriculum; to equip the graduates with knowledge and technical skills to successfully meet the ever increasing safety and commercial demands of the civil aviation industry. The program also includes some courses received in common with the piloting students. It is an essential educational process for those, who want to be employed as qualified personnel at airports, in airline companies and in companies involved in air transportation.

The University of Kyrenia provides its students with various employment opportunities. As the students receive the highest quality education throughout their education period, upon their graduation, they will be employed as qualified personnel in aviation and aerospace companies and carry out different tasks. 

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Academic programs and faculties

 The University offers undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and professional programs:

Faculty Of Marine Sciences
Faculty of Maritime Studies
Maritime Academy
Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty Of Educatİon
Faculty Of Arts And Sciences
Faculty of Aviation and Space Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medicine

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