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At all times, people who have received an education abroad are respected and highly appreciated.

ALVI Investment knows that quality international education abroad is a valuable, long-term and a solid asset in every time, which is not affected by social, economic and political changes.

Good education abroad is generally associated with considerable costs. Fortunately, this is a conviction of yesterday now. With development of information technology, progress in communications and overall improvement of living standards, education abroad has become more accessible and closer.

In recent years, universities of Northern Cyprus have been gaining popularity. This is a result of the targeted development of domestic educational system as an alternative to education in Great Britain and USA. The leading universities of these countries and today does not lose leadership positions, but high costs of education along with high expenses for housing and living itself - sometimes are an insuperable obstacle to achieving the goal for many.

Universities of Northern Cyprus distinguish favorably with the best combination of price and quality.  The education system in Northern Cyprus is based on British and American one (depends on the institution), therefore in most of the educational institutions there the educational process is maintained by highly qualified lecturers and professors with native and fluent English, giving to the students an advanced knowledge and firm grasp of their future areas of expertise.

Northern Cyprus is a place where you can get an international education (undergraduate and postgraduate), which is valuable in many countries of Europe and America.

For you, your son or daughter to receive a quality education in Northern Cyprus means:

  • Financial affordability for any social layers;
  • International diploma recognized in other countries;
  • Studying in English. Achievement of excellent proficiency and fluency in English;
  • Highly qualified multinational academic staff
  • Certain advantages at employment for a prestigious job over candidates who does not have international education abroad;
  • Meeting new friends, interesting people and useful acquaintances for future;
  • Living and studying in multicultural environment;
  • Expansion of an outlook and shaping of a more flexible level of thinking;
  • Daily facing and expanding the knowledge of history, life and traditions of another countries;
  • Living in warm and sunny Mediterranean climate.

These are just some of the advantages distinguish the educational institution of Northern Cyprus.

Mission and vision of ALVI Investment is aspiration to benefit the society, expand boarders of communication, cooperation in exchange of knowledge, information, ideas and understanding people around the globe. Our company provides a comprehensive assistance in search and admission of a quality education in prestigious private and national universities, colleges and schools.

We are experienced and professional enough in the field of foreign education at an affordable price.

Contacting us can expect that we will:

  • Assist in choosing the best suitable university and faculty for you (college, school);
  • Provide you with full support with flight booking, airport transfer, accommodation search, visa obtaining;
  • Advice you on all possible issues as to the education, living or investment in Northern Cyprus.

We are sincerely thankful to our clients, partners and friends, facilitating professional growth and development of ALVI Investment. Please contact us in any convenient for you way.

Education abroad is a safe investment in the future with high interest!

News and events

18 May 2017

News about Higher Education from Ministry of Education

The minister of national education and culture of North Cyprus, Ozdemir Berova, stated that there are 15 universities and 93 000 students in North Cyprus now, it is now seem to be an island of education.

10 February 2017

Feedbacks and Pictures from CIU Summer Academy 2016

For over 6 years Cyprus International University has been creating a wonderful summer experience for students from around the world. Some of our Summer Academy participants, loved North Cyprus and CIU so much, they have decided to become our full time students.

12 January 2017

Meeting with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS in Cyprus) in Lefkosa

A new reputable educational institution has just recently opened in North Cyprus in the city of Lefkosa (Nicosia) - University of the West of Scotland.

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20 June 2016

Useful information about Northern Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has one territorial feature - it is actually divided into two states - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Northern Cyprus).

05 May 2016

Education abroad for students

What is important to know about the student education abroad? And for whom education abroad is appropriate?

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