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ALVI Investment Ltd. (ALVI CONSULT) offers  regional representatives from different countries to establish long-term partnership relations. We invite educational agencies and travel companies for mutual beneficial cooperation. Add all the universities and colleges of Northern Cyprus in a portfolio of your company!

ALVI CONSULT offers high quality international education, summer language schools and internships in prestigious private and public universities and colleges of Northern Cyprus. We have all the necessary experience and professional competence in the field of organizing foreign education at an affordable price.

Please see the numerous benefits of higher and secondary education in the educational institutions of Northern Cyprus.

Our company's mission - to expand the boundaries of communication; facilitate the exchange of knowledge, information and understanding between people from different countries. We help students and their parents to find the best possible option of getting an international education in Northern Cyprus. Cyprus was always distinguished among the other countries with a friendly attitude to foreigners, as well as its multinational and most importantly a safe environment.

Our advantages:

  • Location in Cyprus
  • Affordable fees and scholarships for international students
  • Cooperation with all universities in Northern Cyprus
  • Impartiality and objectivity
  • Complete availability
  • Careful attitude to our reputation
  • Possession of the most up-to-date information
  • Comprehensive support
  • Our specialists are fluent in English, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish

Our company cooperates with all universities and leading colleges of Northern Cyprus. We help students and their parents quickly and objectively find the best suitable educational institution and program, solve accommodation issues, as well as flight, transfer, visa formalities, preparing all the required documents to apply for a scholarship, etc.

Our partners receive:

  • Full information support;
  • Brochures, catalogs and advertising materials;
  • Possibility of joint Internet advertising and promotion;
  • Participation in educational fairs and study tours;
  • Visa support;
  • Online and phone consultations of our specialists;
  • Additional discounts and free places for groups;
  • Flexible system of remuneration and bonuses, and others.

Adding variety to a list of countries and educational institutions offered to your customers with ALVI CONSULT. You don’t have to develop new directions yourself, recruit personnel, hold numerous meetings, develop infrastructure and bear extra expenditures. Our specialists can carry out all the required consultations and provide the necessary support remotely.

Our company values our positive reputation and name a lot. We do not pursue any short term benefits and the sale of our services by any means. We aim to establish long-term relations according to our values and vision of the development of our company.

Please contact us in any way convenient for you.

News and events

20 December 2017

Opening of the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD)

ALVI group always keeps you in tone when it comes to education worldwide and North Cyprus precisely.

18 May 2017

News about Higher Education from Ministry of Education

The minister of national education and culture of North Cyprus, Ozdemir Berova, stated that there are 15 universities and 93 000 students in North Cyprus now, it is now seem to be an island of education.

10 February 2017

Feedbacks and Pictures from CIU Summer Academy 2016

For over 6 years Cyprus International University has been creating a wonderful summer experience for students from around the world. Some of our Summer Academy participants, loved North Cyprus and CIU so much, they have decided to become our full time students.

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Useful information

20 June 2016

Useful information about Northern Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has one territorial feature - it is actually divided into two states - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Northern Cyprus).

05 May 2016

Education abroad for students

What is important to know about the student education abroad? And for whom education abroad is appropriate?

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