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Cyprus is famous of its sophistication and stunning natural beauty. You can find in this unique island all the colors of our nature, whether high palms, beaches with silk golden sand, rising over the earth mountains, perfectly clean air and all year round a sun that shines more than 320 days a year.

Cyprus - it is the place where you always want to come back. What can be more magnificent than sun, sea and mountains together?! Exactly here is place where the fascinating stories of ancient Greek myths and legends took place. The rich and eventful history of Cyprus preserved for us numerous medieval fortresses and ancient towns that anyone can visit and come to know himself.

Many countries tried to capture this piece of paradise on the Earth. However, just in middle of twentieth century has it gained its independence.

In addition to the pleasant climate and beautiful landscapes, many people choose Northern Cyprus because of the variety of international universities and colleges that offer American and British education in English. Lots of universities in Northern Cyprus offer various scholarships for international students. The only difficulty is which of them to choose and which suits better for you. Cyprus is considered to be a student island, which a study showed that 75,000 students were present from all corners of our globe.

Северный Кипр

Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world. Local people are famous of their hospitality, friendliness and cordiality. Cypriots are not used to locking their doors and windows or to remove their keys from their cars, this proves once again that the crime rate is among the lowest in the world.

Cyprus - the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to rich history, different cultural traditions of the East and the European life closely cross in this country. Cypriot cuisine is multifaceted and diverse, it is a mixture of different styles and cultural preferences. Thanks to the mild climate Cyprus is also famous for its local vegetables and fruits (oranges, mandarins and pomegranates grow everywhere and you take them off the tree to enjoy).

Every town in Cyprus is beautiful with its own unique charm and even winter temperatures allows to bask in the sun.

Температура Северного Кипра

The best time of the year in Cyprus is the period from May to October and the mellow season embraces September – October. Nevertheless, visiting this paradise at any other time of the yearwill also leave you satisfied as well.

There are various national and traditional exhibitions, concerts, performances and folk festivals on the island of Cyprus during the year.

As a heritage of the British colonial times Cyprus has the left driving system, the rest of the traffic rules are the same as Europe’s. You can also use public transport: buses, including shuttles, and taxis.

Northern Cyprus will suit everyone’s taste: history lovers, romantics and active travelers will not miss on this wonderful island.

News and events

18 May 2017

News about Higher Education from Ministry of Education

The minister of national education and culture of North Cyprus, Ozdemir Berova, stated that there are 15 universities and 93 000 students in North Cyprus now, it is now seem to be an island of education.

10 February 2017

Feedbacks and Pictures from CIU Summer Academy 2016

For over 6 years Cyprus International University has been creating a wonderful summer experience for students from around the world. Some of our Summer Academy participants, loved North Cyprus and CIU so much, they have decided to become our full time students.

12 January 2017

Meeting with the University of the West of Scotland (UWS in Cyprus) in Lefkosa

A new reputable educational institution has just recently opened in North Cyprus in the city of Lefkosa (Nicosia) - University of the West of Scotland.

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Useful information

20 June 2016

Useful information about Northern Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has one territorial feature - it is actually divided into two states - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Northern Cyprus).

05 May 2016

Education abroad for students

What is important to know about the student education abroad? And for whom education abroad is appropriate?

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