One year before my graduation from school I had been puzzled with a question where to continue my further education. Like everyone, I would like to build for myself a bright future. I surfed the Internet and casually come across your website, I got interested in admission requirements offered as well as just tremendous discounts for international students. And without any delay I call to ALVI-consult and immediately got a comprehensive consultation about all the universities, studying and living in Northern Cyprus. We together we came to a common opinion, that it would be better for me to study at Foundation English program at Girne American University first. At present I am studying there and I will soon be able to speak fluent English and move forward! Many thanks to Elena and her team!!!

Valeria Popova
Valeria Popova

I would like to thank Elena and her team for their assistance and support for admission to Girne American University of my daughter, Alla Popova. I believe it would be complicated for us to achieve a successful result without quality and comprehensive, and what is more important timely given recommendations. We got many useful advice as to the entry procedures and requirements. The consultancies were given in a very professional way and thorough grasp of the matter, very positively, that we had no doubts left and got confidence that we had to apply and we will be enrolled. And can say it one more time, we were not alone! We were next to a team of literate, careful and professional people headed by their director Elena, who helped us to bring our dream to life. My daughter and me wish to Elena and her team success and good luck. May God give you patience and prosperity. When you love your work and it yields in that way - this means really a lot. Thank you for making our children’s dreams true. Elena, you are our fairy godmother! We wish you all the best!

Anna Chubrikova
Anna Chubrikova

I had the pleasure to work with ALVI CONSULT in 2015. I was helped with transferring to the University of Cyprus. The provided assistance was professional and quick, so everything went smoothly and soon I was in Cyprus. Later on I used their services once again and wasn't left out. I would advise ALVI CONSULT to everyone, as all the people there are very responsible and nice. I am more than satisfied with their work.


Hello, I was excited to study in Northern Cyprus and there was the question of how to do this) I started to surf the internet and found your company! Of cause I was afraid, but I decided to take this risk and contacted Elena. She gave me all the information very quickly. Thanks to you I am successfully studying in Girne American University now! I had my airport transfer well organized, and full assistance as to the housing, placement orientation. What else I needed? I liked very much punctuality and responsibility for work and promises kept. I wish you good luck! Many thanks for your help. Hope you remember - this is Andrew


I have long wondered where to study. I was advised to apply to your company. With great interest I began to explore your website and found a lot of interesting! From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the great job done! With your help I have brought to life a dream to study in Northern Cyprus! Thanks to your care and support we managed to prepare and submit all the required papers and forms quickly and I was enrolled to the university. Many thanks for the work done. May God grant you success and promotion!!! My best wishes, Rasul


Hi to everyone. First time I came to Northern Cyprus with my family as a tourist 4 years ago. It happened that our taxi passed by the GAU main campus on the way from the airport to our hotel. A moustached driver explained to us that there were plenty of universities on the island, language of education was English, and lots of students came from different countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. We enjoyed our vacation there and once I came back home I started to learn the information about universities in Northern Cyprus since I was about to graduate from my school and I had to make a decision on where to study further. And who does not want to study abroad?:) Northern Cyprus attracted me primarily by its proximity to Ukraine (it is just 6 hours with transfer in Istanbul), pleasant climate and quite affordable prices. Frankly speaking, I had a fear of removing to a foreign country. And I found ALVI company in the Internet and they helped me to overcome my fear. All the questions I had were covered by very pleasant to talk to people, and, what is important, one of the ALVI consultants was from Ukraine as well and he was a GAU student. When I made up my mind about the admission to the university, they also helped me with housing, showed and explained everything I needed, held "first orientation". In such a situation it is very important, that I had someone who supported me in the beginning, and my adaptation period in every sense of the word went very smoothly. Thanks a lot to ALVI CONSULT! The guys are doing great job :) P.S. Currently I am finishing the second year of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Girne American University.

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