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What to prepare for and how to easily make a decision: does your child need to study abroad?

There are many articles in the Internet about children education abroad, it is always better to rely on reliable sources as it is about the future and the fate of your child. Here we will describe everything what we know based on our own first-hand experience.

So, as to the summer language programs in Northern Cyprus during summer vacation, there are some advantages:

  • Low crime rate
  • An island with a warm Mediterranean climate
  • Sparsely populated area
  • Friendly attitude to foreigners (in the country almost every third person is a student)

As to the programs itself there are great opportunities to:

  • rehabilitate the child
  • study and practice English
  • meet new friends from different countries
  • learn a new country and culture
  • enjoy the entertainment programs
  • make a decision about studying in the universities of Northern Cyprus

The parents who want their child to become a student of a university or a college have to approach more closely to this issue. It is truly to say that education abroad is prestigious today, but you should be ready for a complete change in the lifestyle of your child and adaptation to new circumstances. Children very often face a language barrier in a new country, so it is better to improve the language in advance (main language in Northern Cyprus in Turkish, but at the same time English is widely spoken and is the language of education in all universities and private colleges). If your child is sociable and easily establishes contact with other children there won’t be any problems, and it will take a child approximately 4 - 6 months to learn the language because of living and studying in an English speaking environment. At the beginning you should be get ready for constant change of mood, so talk and support your child more. Usually full adaptation takes around one year.

The colleges of Northern Cyprus have their regulations: school uniform, discipline, use of mobile phone is prohibited. Lessons start at 8.00 and last until 15.30. The system of education is British and American. One meal a day is provided. After school children can select various additional clubs (dance, gymnastics, drawing, football, tennis, basketball, etc.). Children pass tests each semester. They also have 2 vacation breaks a year: winter and summer.

The universities of Northern Cyprus offer various Bachelor, Master and PhD programs. The language of education is English. Students have the possibility to come for summer language courses and see how it is to study abroad, and at the same time get introduced to Cyprus. Our company also offers an Orientation Tour to universities and colleges of Northern Cyprus. Experience has shown that such a tour is an effective way to help in making a decision about education abroad. Parents must be assured that their child will study in safe and quiet environment.

Education abroad always brings a lot of impressions and excitement: experience of studying in other standards, learning a new language, new friends from around the world. The student becomes independent and makes responsible decisions for their own actions.

Our company is located in Cyprus on a permanent basis, which gives us the possibility to provide timely assistance and support on many issues. This approach, experience has shown to be very convenient for parents and students who continue to keep contact with us and know that their child will not stay without proper timely support, if he/she needs so.

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20 June 2016

Useful information about Northern Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has one territorial feature - it is actually divided into two states - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Northern Cyprus).

05 May 2016

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