The University of the West of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland

The University of the West of Scotland is one of the largest modern universities in the United Kingdom. The university provides relevant, high quality, inclusive higher education and innovative and useful research.

We aim to make the communities we serve more successful, and to create opportunities for all to participate. 

UWS rated top in the UK in the National Student Survey 2016. In September 2016 the university officially recognized in the TOP 5% of universities worldwide (by Times High Education).

Across the campuses UWS offers a wide range of academic, social and sporting facilities and deliver a range of taught courses, Postgraduate Diplomas & Masters and research degrees.

UWS has a distinctive and important regional role, with four campuses across the Scotland and in London. To help extend a international reach in 2016 the university has opened a campus in Nicosia, Northern Cyprus, which currently offers for international students the following Masters programs:

  • MSc Policy Analysis and Global Governance;
  • MSc Applied Social Science — Civil Sociology and Public Affairs;
  • Creative Media - School of Media Culture and Society.


Educational programs

In an area of rapid social change, with the on-going restructuring of public services there is a high demand for qualified graduates with an advanced understanding of the relationship between civil society, the institutions of multi-level governance and the policymaking environment. The MSc in Applied Social Science (Civil Society and Public Affairs) will provide you with the skills to research and make sense of this complex environment.

MSc Applied Social Science - Civil Society and Public Affairs

MSc Policy Analysis and Global Governance

About the courses

Offered at Cyprus-Nicosia campus, the course takes 12 months to complete (full-time) or 24 months (part-time). Teaching is organized around intensive workshops delivered primarily by academic experts, with input from expert practitioners and specialists drawn from esteemed organizations and action groups. You will study a blend of core interdisciplinary modules and specialist modules in own Society and Public Affairs:

  • Contemporary Social Issues — in this interdisciplinary module which draws from research across the social sciences, you will learn about the complex interrelationships between policymakers, key stakeholders and social groups in the formation of social and public policy.
  • Policy and Practice — you will gain experience of using different theoretical approaches to understand civil society and public affairs in complex and real policy environments. There are opportunities to undertake placement in partnership with a civil society organization.
  • Power, Politics and Civil Society — you will examine the interaction between civil society and key governance actors and institutions ranging from the sub-national to the global level.
  • Research Methods — you will learn about principles of research design and how to use quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze data in a rigorous manner.
  • Social Research Today — provides and introduction to the complexity of contemporary research. This includes key debates such as the role of interpretation in social research, ethics and how to get your ideas across to a range of research users.
  • Theories of State and Civil Society — develop a critical understanding of major theories of the state and civil society. The focus will be on the role of civil society in the making and implementation of public policy and governance.

You will also complete a dissertation in which you design and carry out an extended piece of research under expert supervision.
The Diploma of the University of the West of Scotland will be granted to the students successfully completed the program.

Work experience and exchange opportunities

During the course you may have the opportunity to work with selected non-academic organizations on research, advocacy and evaluation projects to provide you with experience of grounding academic study in an applied and real-world context. There will also be opportunities for international exchange during the course and, subject to the topic and supervision, during the dissertation.

Career prospects

This course offers applied training that prepares graduates for employment in a range of roles — particularly related to research, campaigning and advocacy across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Entry requirements

Applicants should hold a degree in any social science or related field (any social science; e.g. Communications, public relations, international relations, political science, business studies, medicine; health; law; social work).

Applications will also be considered from those with other professional training or experience relevant to program specialism (accredited or recognized prior experiential, learning related to civil society, public affairs, criminal justice, applied psychology, social work or social policy). Such applicants will be required to complete written work in order to demonstrate their academic ability, and may be invited to attend an interview prior to acceptance onto the course.

Fee waivers and scholarships

A limited number of partial fee waivers are available for students with proven exceptional academic and/or practical background.

Programs and tuition fees


News and events

20 December 2017

Opening of the Arkin University of Creative Arts and Design (ARUCAD)

ALVI group always keeps you in tone when it comes to education worldwide and North Cyprus precisely.

18 May 2017

News about Higher Education from Ministry of Education

The minister of national education and culture of North Cyprus, Ozdemir Berova, stated that there are 15 universities and 93 000 students in North Cyprus now, it is now seem to be an island of education.

10 February 2017

Feedbacks and Pictures from CIU Summer Academy 2016

For over 6 years Cyprus International University has been creating a wonderful summer experience for students from around the world. Some of our Summer Academy participants, loved North Cyprus and CIU so much, they have decided to become our full time students.

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20 June 2016

Useful information about Northern Cyprus

The island of Cyprus has one territorial feature - it is actually divided into two states - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Northern Cyprus).

05 May 2016

Education abroad for students

What is important to know about the student education abroad? And for whom education abroad is appropriate?

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