The English School Of Kyrenia (ESK)

The English School Of Kyrenia (ESK)

The English School of Kyrenia was founded at 2008 and specializes in teaching and development of boys and girls aged 3 to 18. This education institution is located in a picturesque place with views of the Kyrenia mountains and the Mediterranean Sea.

The school was established in close cooperation with organizations that are engaged in the development of private schools in England, whereby all the educational programs, qualification of teachers and school infrastructure are in full compliance with the standards applicable in England.

The school is a member of the Council of British International Schools as well as accredited and approved by the IB World School, Cambridge Independent Academic Center, IELTS, and other reputable institution.


In comparison with similar schools in the UK the English school of Kyrenia offers much more accessible pricing, the cost of education less than 2 - 2.5 times! It is important to note, that quality of education by no aspects concedes ones in the English and European schools. Located in Northern Cyprus, which was a British colony, and a warm Mediterranean climate give even more advantages the English school of Kyrenia in this regard.

The English School of Kyrenia has a highly professional teaching staff, where 70% of teachers are from England and 30% from Cyprus. All the ESK teachers graduated and certified in the UK. Thanks to its high educational standards and good reputation the English School of Kyrenia has become a truly international educational institution, which today has more than 900 children enrolled from more than 30 countries around the world.

The school pays great attention to the development of children to succeed in their future careers and the importance of preserving family values. Great emphasis is also made to the creative and sport development of children, as well as to discipline. Depending on the wishes of the child and the parents, he/she is offered a wide number of different sections and clubs. High school students take extra classes on leadership.

The English School of Kyrenia has a developed infrastructure. Some of the facilities located on the campus: a large indoor heated swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center, multifunctional sport center, football pitch, basketball playground and many others. The school has its own busses for the convenience of pupils and their parents.

ESK actively assists to its graduates with admission to prestigious educational institutions of England, Germany, the Netherlands, USA and others.

In 2015 the school opened a new comfortable dormitory on campus. Since then ESK can offer a education and accommodation with full board on campus under the reliable supervision of teachers. This approach is widespread in England and helps children to develop and enhance very important for adult life personal characteristics, such as: responsibility, independence, sociability and self-reliance. In their free time, pupils can develop their creative and athletic skills, as well as communicate with their peers from different countries.

ESK also offers various clubs and additional after school classes.


Name of the clubType of club
Duke of Edinburgh Free of charge
Choir Free of charge
Maths Homework (Years 7-9) Free of charge
PET Free of charge
Art (IGCSE&AL) Free of charge
Fashion Club Free of charge
Critical Thinking and Debating (Years 9, 10, 12) Free of charge
Maths Homework (Years 10-11) Free of charge
Science Homework Free of charge
Year 10 Band Free of charge
IB Chemistry Project Support Free of charge
Badminton By invitation
Girls Football By invitation
Yoga Extra fee
Year 9 Band By invitation
Girls Basketball By invitation
Upper Boys Football By invitation
MUN By invitation
Composition (IGSCE Music) By invitation
IB Physics Support By invitation
Upper Boys Basketball By invitation
Street Dance Extra fee

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