Student visa requirements in North Cyprus


Upon arrival in North Cyprus, at the Ercan airport, the student provides an official acceptance letter of the university (invitation) to receive a stamp valid for three months (90 days). During this time, the student must apply for a student visa.

How is a student visa issued? Firstly, the student goes through the registration procedure at the university: selects a payment plan, submits the original documents to the registration office (diploma or certificate), receives a student ID card and student letter, selects subjects for the semester with student advisor and receives a course timetable.

After completing university registration, you should start registering to the ONLINE IMMIGRATION SYSTEM at    Main Menu > Online Transactions > Student Permits

  1. For the first time registration, click “New Registration” button and fill in the required information. After this, you can login the system with the username and password sent by SMS or EMAIL.
  2. For access with an username and password previously obtained, click “Login”.
  3. After logging in to the system, you must follow and complete the steps described there.
  4. Please do not forget to get a “Foreign Student Registration Number” in the immigration system, and please do not lose this number. You will need this number in all official transactions.
  5. Follow the steps for getting a health report.
  6. If you have a valid healt report, click “I have a valid health report”
  7. Please go to the Dictrict Hospital, in which the University is located.
  8. Get your healt report certified, in that Hospital.
  9. Make your payment for “health report fee”, via the system.
  10. If you do not have a valid healt report, click “I do not have a valid health report”
  11. Make your payment for “laboratory tests fee”, via the system.
  12. Get your lab tests performed in the Laboratory which the system provides its name and adress.
  13. According to the healt report, make your payment for “immigration fee”, via the system.
  14. If the system shows that the Student Permit is ready, you may get your permit document from the Registrar’s Office at the University.

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