Useful information about Northern Cyprus


The island of Cyprus has one territorial feature - it is actually divided into two states - the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Northern Cyprus).

The population of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is about 294 906 people living on an area of 3 355 km².
Northern Cyprus has:

  • its official language (Turkish), but English is widely spoken,
  • its currency (Turkish Lira), but US Dollar, Euro and British pound are also widely used for payments,
  • its phone code (+90 392),
  • its Internet domain (

Visa to Northern Cyprus is not required. Tourists receive an entry stamp upon arrival (written on a separately filled paper). Sometimes you might be asked to show your return ticket. Staying in the country is possible up to 90 days.

The Road to Northern Cyprus

You can reach Northern Cyprus by plane in only way - one-hour direct flight from Turkey (Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir, Adana) to Ercan Airport - the only airport in Northern Cyprus.
You can also reach Northern Cyprus by sea - ferries from Turkey Alanya and Mersin run to Kyrenia.
There is another way to come to Northern Cyprus: arriving to Larnaca (the Republic of Cyprus), cross the land border with Northern Cyprus by car (or even walk) at one of the checkpoints. But in this case you need to obtain a EU passport, Cyprus visa or a Schengen visa.
Cyprus is a former British colony, therefore much of British heritage has remained and is still in use. Let driving system and the British Standard (triple plug) sockets has remained on the island. Adapters are needed, but they are sold in any supermarket.

Important numbers in Northern Cyprus

Ambulance: 112 
Police: 155 
Fire Service: 199 
Forest fire notice: 177

News and events

10 November 2021

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09 November 2021

Spring semester in Cyprus 2022

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11 October 2021

Important update for students

ALVI CONSULT continues admission for the Fall semester.

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