Education abroad: pros and cons


Many of us would like to study abroad. But while answering the main question for yourself «Could I study abroad or not?», we obviously think to ourselves what are the pros and cons in education abroad.

The quality of education in universities of Northern Cyprus is at a high international level. And one more advantage is the ambiance. However paradoxical it may sound, but here you do feel an incredible thirst for studying because of the dynamics of student life and amazing teachers.

Pros of education abroad

  • High level of education;
  • European and American methods of teaching, which are quite different from  others;
  • International teaching and professorial staff;
  • Scholarship opportunities, many schools offer up to 100% scholarships for good and excellent studies or working at the university;
  • Intensive study of a foreign language;
  • Availability of educational materials, various literature is widely represented in the university libraries;
  • Modern dormitories and comfortable living conditions there;
  • Large number of friends among foreigners, useful contacts that may be helpful in the future;
  • Living experience abroad is useful in any life situation;
  • Many other pros.

Cons of education abroad

  • Distance from friends and family, nostalgia for home;
  • Adapting to a new lifestyle.

If you seriously think about international education abroad and its invaluable experience, it is time to choose a specialty and start to prepare documents with us.

News and events

10 November 2021

ALVI CONSULT continues admission for the Spring 2022 semester in North Cyprus!

We help students and their parents quickly and objectively choose the university and educational program, help to apply for accommodation, flight details, transfer, visa formalities and prepare documents for a scholarship!

09 November 2021

Spring semester in Cyprus 2022

ALVI Consult starts recruiting for the spring semester!

11 October 2021

Important update for students

ALVI CONSULT continues admission for the Fall semester.

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