Education abroad for children


What is important to know about the education of children abroad?

We all want to give our children the best! This certainly applies to the child's self-realization and its future successful career, which starts with a quality education. Many questions arise while choosing an educational institution in your country, therefore the situation with the colleges and universities in other countries is much more complicated.

Here you come to realize that children will face a new world, a completely different way of life than they got used to: relocation to a new place, new friends, language barrier, absence of beloved home cooking and others. Children, like adults, experience stress when changing their comfort zone. It is of high importance to talk with your child: whether he really wants to study abroad and help him to realize the importance of such a step.

Generally children are very quick to adapt to new conditions of life, find new friends among peers and quickly learn new languages. Acquiring new knowledge, skills, meeting other cultures, children gain unique experiences which helps them to expand opportunities for self-actualization in future. They become more flexible in new and irregular situations, make quick decisions, be more responsible and dynamic.

For parents who make a decision on sending their children abroad to study, this choice first of all shows care and gets the children ready for an independent successful life.

When choosing a country and an educational institution you should pay attention to a number of factors:

  • quality of education
  • tuition fee and scholarship opportunities
  • admission terms and requirements
  • location and accommodation prices
  • accreditation and university ranking
  • university infrastructure

And of course, such important factors as safety and level of crime rate.

Our company will provide you comprehensive and most detailed advice on international education in universities and colleges of Northern Cyprus free of charge. We are located in Northern Cyprus and always available for the students and their parents, we are here and ready to support in resolving of any issue.

News and events

22 June 2020

Student visa requirements in North Cyprus

Upon arrival in North Cyprus, at the Ercan airport, the student provides an official acceptance letter of the university (invitation) to receive a stamp valid for three months (90 days). During this time, the student must apply for a student visa.

22 June 2020

GAU Summer School students will stay at the luxury hotel

We would like to share updated information that will please all of you! This season, participants of the GAU Multicultural Summer School will be staying at the luxury hotel located on the seaside: Le Chateau Lambousa and Celebrity Hotel.

20 June 2020

New campus of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University continues its educational activities in new campus, equipped with cutting edge technology, and provides its students with even better opportunities than ever.

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