Famagusta is a city on the southeast coast of the island of Cyprus. 

In the Middle Age the city was one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean. This region is very famous for its rich historical heritage.

Famous Famagusta fortress with its great fortifications is situated in the center of the city. The fortress was built in Venetian epoch and in 1570 nearly a year it restrained a siege of 50,000 Turkish army. There you can also find Othello castle, where the events of Shakespeare's famous drama probably took place, numerous Orthodox and Gothic churches, built in different historical epochs. Friendly owners of small shops in the old narrow streets of Famagusta always offer various goods and the best in their opinion on the entire island.

You can do sightseeing of uncountable historical sights of Famagusta endlessly, what makes this area interesting for everyone coming to the city. The ruins of the ancient city of Salamis are located in Famagusta district. It is well preserved amphitheater, the Roman Baths and the Basilica. This place is famous of apostle Mark and apostle Barnabas preached in 56 AD. The first public university in Northern Cyprus - Eastern Mediterranean University was found in Famagusta in 1979.

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22 June 2020

Student visa requirements in North Cyprus

Upon arrival in North Cyprus, at the Ercan airport, the student provides an official acceptance letter of the university (invitation) to receive a stamp valid for three months (90 days). During this time, the student must apply for a student visa.

22 June 2020

GAU Summer School students will stay at the luxury hotel

We would like to share updated information that will please all of you! This season, participants of the GAU Multicultural Summer School will be staying at the luxury hotel located on the seaside: Le Chateau Lambousa and Celebrity Hotel.

20 June 2020

New campus of Bahçeşehir Cyprus University

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University continues its educational activities in new campus, equipped with cutting edge technology, and provides its students with even better opportunities than ever.

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04 April 2018

North Cyprus relationship with Turkey

It is important to have a knowledge of the recent history of the island of Cyprus and the historical background of the Cyprus problem in order to understand the scope of relations between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the Republic of Turkey. 

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