Meeting with the Rector of Cyprus International University


Yesterday the director of ALVI Investment, Elena Manko, met with Professor Halil Nadiri, the Rector of the Cyprus International University. 

At the meeting they discussed the current and prospective educational programs of the University, scholarships and discounts for international students, as well as the joint cooperation plan for 2017. Professor Halil Nadiri paid attention to increased popularity among the students to the accelerated educational programs offered by the University, dual-degree opportunities and exchange programs available by virtue of cooperation agreements between the Cyprus International University and numerous reputable universities abroad. Dual-degree programs give students the opportunity to complete bachelor's and master's degree in five years, as a result students can complete their studies one year faster.

ALVI Investment, being an authorized representative of the University in the CIS countries, has elaborated a plan of activities for 2017, which provides various discounts and scholarship opportunities for students from the CIS countries, as well as a coordination of joint efforts to improve the interaction with the students the said region.

Our company would like to thank Ms. Elena Ogut, the supervisor of the meeting from the University, for the excellent organization and informational support of the meeting.

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